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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3


AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 (NOF) is a multipurpose liquid concentrate formulatedAggrand Natural Organic Fertilizer to promote vigorous growth, increased root development and improved stress and disease tolerance on flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, shrubs, trees, field crops and houseplants. In addition to stimulating microbial activity in the soil, it provides nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in a ratio of 4-3-3. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer is the ideal product for those seeking a natural fertilizer that demonstrates superior results.

All-Natural Sea Kelp

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer uses kelp concentrate from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Kelp accumulates high levels of plant-growth hormones, nutrients, amino acids, micronutrients and potassium. When used as a fertilizer, it increases plant health by enhancing heat, drought and cold tolerance properties. It also supplies nitrogen, sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), boron (B), sodium (Na) and carbohydrates.

Organic Nitrogen Source

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer is made from oceangoing menhaden fish that feed on mineral-rich plankton. Though not considered edible for humans, Native Americans have used menhaden for centuries as a natural fertilizer, calling it “munna whaleaug,” or “that which manures.” Menhaden provides nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, 10 essential micronutrients and numerous vitamins and amino acids. Menhaden fish emulsions represent the primary source of nitrogen in AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.

• Multi-purpose – excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, crops and houseplants
• Formulated for foliar feed or soil application
• Promotes enhanced plant vigor, contributing to disease and stress resistance
• Convenient liquid concentrate
• Can be mixed with other AGGRAND products for easy application

Balanced Formula

While menhaden fish emulsions and kelp provide the basis for AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, additional ingredients are added to achieve a balanced analysis.

• Molasses Sugar – Carbon source made from fresh cane that feeds soil biology and enhances foliar applications

• Natural Wintergreen Oil – Improves scent of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer

• Sulfate of Potash – Extremely fine-grade natural mineral derived from the Great Salt Lake increases potassium levels

• Bloodmeal – Boosts availability of nitrogen in slow-release form to provide this vital nutrient as the plant requires it

• Fulvic Acid – Natural material derived from Leonardite shale enhances foliar applications and chelates minerals for increased plant availability

• Vitamin B1 – Natural vitamin supplement increases plant health

Increased Microbial Activity

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer increases bacterial activity in soil, leading to stronger, healthier plants. Aerobic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa feed on carbon sources, causing a process known as mineralization. Mineralization produces plant-available nitrogen and phosphorus that helps plants grow and develop.

To determine the amount of bacterial activity in soil, the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by microorganisms is measured. Higher levels indicate more bacterial activity, hence more potential nitrogen and phosphorus available to plants.

Although chemical-based fertilizers have high nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels, plant-use efficiency can be very low. In addition, they are often high in soluble salts that are toxic to soil bacteria and help create compaction and nitrification conditions, resulting in plant stress. Research shows soil treated with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer demonstrates increased CO2 levels compared to a leading chemical fertilizer, meaning increased bacterial activity for healthier plants (see graph).

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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 is recommended for, but not limited to, the following crops:

• Apples
• Beans
• Bedding Plants
• Berries
• Cabbage
• Citrus Fruits
• Corn
• Cotton
• Cucumbers
• Deep-Root Plants
• Field Tomatoes
• Garlic
• Golf Courses
• Greenhouse Tomatoes
• Hay and Pasture Fields
• Herbs
• Lawns
• Potatoes
• Rice (Wetland)
• Wheat and Small Grains

Application rates vary according to plant/crop type, soil condition and weather conditions. Consult the AGGRAND Crop Guide (G2793) or for additional application information.


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The AGGRAND Wholesale Preferred Customer Program

The AGGRAND Preferred Customer Program

AMSOIL Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost, without the responsibilities of owning a Dealership.

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Preferred Customers buy AMSOIL products at wholesale prices. The discount price is 20-25% less than regular retail prices. If you buy $100 of AMSOIL products a year, a Preferred Customer membership will save you money!

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Aggrand Fertilizer

All AGGRAND Products provide unique features and outstanding benefits. AGGRAND products provide the highest performance, economy and environmental sensitivity on the market.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3

  • Multi-purpose – produces excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, and crops.
  • Effective as either a foliar feed or soil application.
  • Demonstrated performance in the commercial fruit and vegetable market.
  • Enhances plant vigor which contributes to disease and stress resistance.
  • Convenient liquid concentrate

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime

  • Uses high quality (99.6 percent pure) limestone in suspension.
  • Extremely fine grind – twice as fine as bagged lime products.
  • Specifically formulated for foliar and root applications.
  • Use on lawns, pastures, and hay fields to supply calcium on acidic soils.
  • Combine with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 to supply additional calcium.
  • Easy to apply liquid concentrate, no dusty mess.

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bone Meal 0-12-0

  • Provides a readily usable source of phosphorus and calcium.
  • Releases slowly over the growing season.
  • Perfect for all bulbs and transplants.
  • Outstanding performance on root and fruit crops.
  • Ideal for flowers.
  • Convenient liquid concentrate.

AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8

  • Provides increased heat, cold, and drought tolerance.
  • Decreases susceptibility to insect attack and infection by disease-causing organisms.
  • Aids in early plant growth and development.
  • Promotes early ripening, improves quality, and extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Aids in seed formation.
  • Increases oil content of seed crops.
  • Increases nitrogen use efficiency.
  • Increases nitrogen fixation in legumes.
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Aggrand Pricing and Ordering

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 (NOF) is a multipurpose liquid concentrate formulated to promote vigorous growth, increased root development and improved stress and disease tolerance on flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, shrubs, trees, field crops and houseplants. In addition to stimulating microbial activity in the soil, it provides nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in a ratio of 4-3-3. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer is the ideal product for those seeking a natural fertilizer that demonstrates superior results.

Aggrand Pricing and Ordering

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Aggrand Liquid Fertilizer for Hay and Pasture Fields

Aggrand Liquid Fertilizer for Hay and Pasture Fields

Mixed grass/legume production as it relates to permanent cultures on acid clay soils in the eastern U.S. and Pacific Northwest has special fertility requirements. These soils tend to contain high to excessive amounts of magnesium and low to deficient amounts of calcium. The percentages of magnesium and calcium must be adjusted to increase soil aeration, allowing higher levels of biological activity to increase and sustain high productivity levels (the biology follows the chemistry).

In general, one ton of gypsum and one ton of high-calcium lime applied per acre during field renovation can increase aeration and improve drainage on clay soils for several years. After gypsum is tilled into the soil, irrigate or allow several inches of rain to fall to leach the magnesium from the soil before applying lime. Some farmers have reported that the soil chemistry stays in balance with very little change over long periods when AGGRAND fertilizers are used in conjunction with the balancing of soil chemistry.

Foliar Applications
Per-acre mix ratio:
1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, 1 gallon AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal, 1 quart AGGRAND Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and 75 gallons of water. Apply as a fine mist with enough solution to thoroughly cover leaves. Perform first application in spring when plants are 4-6” in height. Adjust solution according to soil fertility.

Repeat application when crop begins to regrow (4-6” in height) and after each cutting or grazing (on rotationally grazed pastures). Perform 2-3 applications per year. If soil testing indicates low to moderate magnesium levels, substitute AGGRAND Liquid Lime for AGGRAND Bonemeal.

Rates vary according to soil fertility, cropping history, and other inputs that are applied. Lower dilution rates are more effective than higher dilution rates. Two or three lighter applications may be more effective than one or two heavier applications. If other constraints allow only one trip over the field, do not exceed a 3 percent dilution rate (3 gallons AGGRAND fertilizers to 97 gallons water).

To reduce susceptibility to attack of insect and disease-causing organisms, apply a per-acre mixture of 1-2 gallons AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer or 1 quart AGGRAND Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and 35 gallons of water when signs of infestation become apparent.

Pre-Plant Soil Applications
Per-acre mix ratio:
3-6 gallons AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and 50-100 gallons of water. Apply after seedbed preparation. Drag lightly after application.
Available Sizes:
(1) 32-oz. bottle (singles)
(12) 32-oz.bottles (by the case)
(1) 2.5-gallon bottle (singles)
(2) 2.5-gallon bottles (twin-packs)
(1) 55-gallon drum
(1) 275-gallon tote
The AMSOIL/AGGRAND Wholesale Preferred Customer Program

For field sprayers, AGGRAND has found the use of the following TeeJet® Technologies spray nozzles effective: XR TeeJet®, Turbo FloodJet®, and StreamJet®. If your system or sprayer has an owner’s manual available or is covered under warranty, please refer to the recommendations of the manufacturer as any alterations without the manufacturer’s consent may void the warranty.

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Why Organic Fertilizers Outperform Chemical Fertilizers – Lawns and Gardens

Traditional lawn fertilization practices can lead to surface and groundwater pollution. Even when applied at the recommended rates, highly concentrated chemical fertilizers cause water pollution when a heavy rain or too much irrigation follows soon after application. In addition, many homeowners do not calibrate their fertilizer spreaders or throw fertilizer on their lawns by hand, leading to nitrogen and phosphate loading in lakes.

While banning the application of certain nutrients can reduce pollution problems, a more feasible solution is the use of more sustainable practices and natural products. For example, the recycling of nutrients through the return of grass clippings (using a mulching mower) stimulates soil biological activity and supplies at least two pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per year without causing any pollution. Applying low levels of natural nutrients such as fi sh, kelp, humates and corn gluten meal stimulates the proliferation of microbes and earthworms, which readily consume nutrients before they can reach lakes. As the creatures in the soil multiply, they excrete nutrients and die or are consumed, digested and excreted by other organisms, slowly releasing nutrients as plants need them.

An actual comparison of natural and chemical fertilizer illustrates the difference. One homeowner applies 30-5-10 fertilizer to his lawn at 20 pounds per 5,000 square feet, while his neighbor applies one quart (2.3 pounds) of fish-kelp humate fertilizer per 5,000 square feet. The natural fertilizer puts .0184 pounds of nitrogen and .013 pounds of phosphate per 1,000 square feet into the soil, and the naturally fertilized lawn is more drought and pest resistant and requires less irrigation because it uses less water. The natural fertilizer also stimulates biological activity, creating stable soil aggregates that enable the roots to go deeper and develop better, keeping nutrients in the root zone. The chemical fertilizer, on the other hand, puts 1.2 pounds of nitrogen and .2 pounds of phosphate per 1,000 square feet into the soil (65 times more nitrogen and 15 times more than the natural fertilizer). Because the grass relies on the chemical to supply the nutrients, the chemically fertilized lawn uses more water and requires constant irrigation. In addition, the chemical toxifies the soil, inhibiting biological and leading to compacted soil and an unhealthy root environment. nutrients are free to flow over the compacted surface, into the surface water or past the restricted root zone into the ground water. Research shows 96 percent of high analysis chemical fertilizers are not taken up Nitrogen and phosphate are present in all ecosystems, and nature knows how to hold them and make them readily available when they are needed. in itself is not inherently bad, but the type and amount of fertilization is the key to producing healthy lawns and eliminating water pollution.

AgGrand Organic Products Website

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